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The Purpose of “A Lamp unto my Feet”

The purpose of this site is to give me a place to put into writing that which the Lord speaks to me about in my daily devotions. I like to write it down in a notebook, but there are times when I do not have my notebook with me when I read. Life can get busy, and writing down the verses and the thoughts associated with them makes it easier for me to remember what I read. This gives me a chance to write it down from any electronic device from wherever I am. It helps me remember and meditate on what God has spoken to me about during my time with Him. It is during this time when the Lord gives me thoughts and truths that are “a lamp unto my feet” as I live in this world. This will be an easy place for me to reference while hopefully also being able to be a help and an encouragement to those that may stumble upon it by using God’s Word (KJV Only.)

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