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Then Jonah Prayed

Jonah 2:1, “Then Jonah prayed unto the LORD his God out of the fish’s belly.”

It’s sad to think that Jonah had to be swallowed by a whale before he would cry out to God. Many people want to criticize Jonah and his choices, but many people are not too different from him. People today want to ignore God and live their own lives UNTIL something bad comes. Then, they feel like they need God. They view God and prayer as a 911 call instead of viewing Him as our Father and Friend.

Many heartaches and problems in life can be avoided if we would pray and walk with God on a regular basis. Had Jonah been faithful to the Lord, he never would have ended up in the belly of a whale. Unlike Jonah we can avoid the whale’s belly of our lives if we will walk with God. This will help us avoid making wrong decisions in our lives.


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