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Went Out to See

Genesis 34:1, “And Dinah the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land.”

This verse comes from a less common passage of Scripture. Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, wen out to see the daughters of the land. These were not righteous people. These were wicked people. Not only did Dinah look, but she also went. Wicked and horrible things happened to Dinah because she left her safe environment to go to the world.

So many times, Christians that grow up in safe environments desire to leave their safe environment for the world. I’ve seen it too many times. They feel like they are missing out on so much. In reality, that is true. They are missing out on heartache, pain, and the consequences of bad choices. If you are reading this and have grown up in a safe environment and are desiring the life of the world, I beg you not to go. It is not worth it. I’ve seen too many people leave and it hasn’t worked out for any of them. They end up not only hurting themselves but also those that have loved and invested in their lives. The cause of Christ is far too important to throw one’s life away for a “season of pleasure.”

I do not believe Dinah knew what would happen to her when she went to see the daughters of the land. I’m sure she thought she would be ok just like many Christians think they will be ok living the life of the world. Her focus and desires were in the wrong place. Where are your desires today? If they are set on the world, take them off it is not worth it. Focus on Christ. Live for God and receive the blessings.

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