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Exodus 8:9-10, “And Moses said unto Pharaoh, Glory over me: when shall I intreat for thee, and for thy servants, and for thy people, to destroy the frogs from thee and thy houses, that they may remain in the river only? And he said, To morrow. And he said, Be it according to thy word: that thou mayest know that there is none like unto the Lord our God.”

The second of the 10 plagues of Egypt was frogs. Personally, I cannot stand frogs. I think they are disgusting. I do not want to catch them, hold them, keep them, etc. My favorite kind of frog is a dead frog. I’ve eaten frog legs before, and I thought they were good. Other than that, I do not like frogs.

Pharaoh and the people of Egypt had finally had enough of the frogs. Pharaoh told Moses to take the frogs away. Moses asked Pharaoh when he wanted them gone, and he answered, “Tomorrow.” Are you kidding me?!?!?! I would have been so mad at Pharaoh if I found out he said that. I would’ve said, “Moses I never wanted them to begin with. I wanted them gone before they were even here. Get them out ASAP!”

The frogs came as a result of Pharaoh’s rebellion. He wasn’t quite ready to give up his sin and his pride. He wanted to hold on to it one more night. He would have had much more peace and enjoyment if he would have just given them up.

Doesn’t that remind you of some Christians today? They could have so much more peace and enjoyment in their Christian life, but they want to hold on to their sin. They just aren’t ready to give it up. Christian, it’s not worth holding on to! Give it up and enjoy the blessings of God. Pharaoh held on to his pride, and it ended up costing him his life. You may say, “What I am holding on to won’t kill me.” It may not kill you in the moment, but James 1:15 says, “Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

Do not hold on to your sin and your pride. Let it go, live for God, and enjoy the blessings.

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