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Be Ye Mindful Always

1 Chronicles 16:15, “[15] Be ye mindful always of his covenant; the word which he commanded to a thousand generations;”

This verse is a portion of a psalm that David wrote to thank the Lord. It states that we are always to be mindful of his covenant, and that is the phrase I want to focus on today.

The word “mindful” means, “To be conscious or aware of something.” What is David telling us to be aware of? He is telling us to be aware of God’s covenant and His Word. I feel that many times that Christians get themselves into trouble is due to the fact that they are not mindful of God’s Word. How many times have we done something we know is against God’s Word? Probably more times than we would want to admit. We fail in these areas because we are not mindful of God’s Word. We do not keep God’s Word and his commandments in the forefront’s of our minds.

The challenge today is simple. Let us be mindful of God’s covenant and God’s commandments at all times. Let us ask ourselves what Jesus would do if He was in our situation. I’d much rather be mindful in my life than regretful because I was not mindful. Today, let’s focus on always being mindful of God’s Word.

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