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Drinketh Iniquity Like Water

Job 15:16, “[16] How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water?”

This is a very interesting phrase, but specifically the end of the verse where it says the man “drinketh iniquity like water.” Sin and wrong is all over the place in our world. It seems people commit sin as one that drinks water. As a human often drinks water, so the average person often sins. The Bible calls this filthy man abominable meaning very bad or unpleasant.

The challenge today is short, but it is quite simple. Let us strive to never have this said about us. May it be that we do not commit sin as much as we drink water. There are many that this COULD be said about, but let us purpose today not to be one of those people. We should not want to be an abominable Christian. The ultimate goal is to be like Christ–sinless! Though we cannot be sinless, it is a good goal to have.

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