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Whose God is The Lord

Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord ; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.”

This is a verse that is often used in patriotic settings, but it is a great verse that is applicable all year long! The Bible says that the nation whose God is the Lord will be blessed.

If you haven’t noticed, our nation is heading in the wrong direction. It seems to get more sinful and wicked by the day. We NEED God’s blessing. We need His hand on this country. The way to do that is to get back to the simplicity of this verse. We need to make the Lord our God.

So many people today have their gods. For some, it’s themselves. They live their life to get the most for themselves as they can. For others, it’s tv, sports, money, work, or even their kids. They put these things over God in their life. If the Lord is not our God, how can we expect Him to bless us? That would be like expecting a paycheck for not showing up to work. It just doesn’t make sense. God will not continue to bless us for placing Him on the back burner.

We need God and His blessing in our nation. Before we can look at others, we must examine ourselves. Ask yourself, “Is the Lord MY God?” Do I put Him first or have I placed something ahead of Him?” I firmly believe that if every born-again Christian would place God first in their life that this world would be a much different place for the better. How’s your relationship with God today, friend? Is God first in your life? Are you heeding this verse? Is the Lord YOUR God or have you replaced Him? Let us get back to the simplicity of this verse and allow God to continue to bless our nation.

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