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Serve the Lord with Gladness

Psalm 100:2, “Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.”

A quick and simple thought today. Serving the Lord with gladness. There is nothing greater than serving the Lord. There is no greater joy than to know you are right in the center of God’s will. Many people at their respective jobs do not look happy to be there. This should not be the case with us as Christians. It ought to be an honor and a joy to serve the Lord, and it ought to look that way.

The ultimate purpose of serving the Lord is to bring others to Christ. We want to see others saved. We ought to serve the Lord with gladness, so others can see how amazing it is. If we serve the Lord with sadness, we won’t be able to convince many people of the joy in serving the Lord.

Let us focus this weekend on not just serving the Lord, but serving Him with gladness!

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