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One Generation

Psalm 145:4, “[4] One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.”

This verse is so vital to the continuation of Christianity. It states that one generation is to praise the works of God to the next generation. It is each and every generation’s responsibility to pass down their faith to the next generation. It just takes one generation to fail at this, and the number of Christians will greatly diminish.

This is why we have things like soul-winning, visitation, Sunday school, and church. It’s all about passing on our faith to others, so it can spread and continue for future generations. This is something that each and every Christian must have a part in. We cannot rely on other people to do it. If everyone relied on someone else, nothing would ever get accomplished.

Are we doing our part to pass on our faith to other generations or are we being selfish? Is having it for ourselves good enough for us? It shouldn’t be. We should strive to tell other about the One who has changed our life. Let us not be the generation that fails to pass on our faith. Let us strive to tell as many people as we can about God and His Son Who can save them from Hell.

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