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The Lord Taketh Pleasure In Them That Fear Him

Psalm 147:11, “[11] The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.”

The subject of today’s post is fear. This fear does not have to do with being afraid. It has to do with an honor, reverence, and respect for God. The Bible says that God takes pleasure in those that fear him.

I feel many times that people say they fear the Lord, but their actions do not back up their words. If we truly fear the Lord, we will obey Him. Those that we know in life and have an honor, reverence, and respect for, we want to please. If they ask us to do something, we will do it to the best of our ability.

Why should our fear for the Lord be any different? If God asks us to do something, we should do it. If God calls us to do a work for Him, we ought to do it. If we do, God will be pleased with us. The opposite of doing something is not doing something, and the opposite of pleasure is displeasure. This means that if we do not fear the Lord how we ought to, God will be displeased with us. Every one of us should desire for God to be pleased with us. If we do (and we should), we ought to fear the Lord. Are we fearing Him like we should today? Are we giving Him the honor, reverence, and respect He deserves. If yes, let us purpose to keep doing so, but if not, let us strive to fear the Lord as we should.

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