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Thou Art My Servant In Whom I Will Be Glorified

Isaiah 49:3, “And said unto me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified.

This verse should be the goal of each and every Christian. We should want to be a servant of God, and we should want God to be glorified through our life. God has done so much for us and has blessed us so much. We should want to serve Him with our life.

It has been said, “Jesus gave His life for us, the least we can do it live for Him.” Let us make it a focus today to be a servant of God. Let us serve Him so that He may be glorified. We should not be seeking our own glory, but we should live a life that points others to Him.

If God looked at us today, would He be able to call us His servant in whom He is glorified or would He be ashamed of us? I would hope He would be pleased. Let us strive to live the life of a servant of God, so they He may be glorified through our life.

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