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Reviewing 2019

I wanted to take a moment and share with you how 2019 went for A Lamp Unto My Feet.

Let me start off by saying thank you to everyone who has read or will read any of the posts on here. I hope and pray they are a help/blessing/encouragement to you.

There were 118 posts during 2019 all of which were August or later. The site totaled 954 views from 347 different devices. Theses 954 views consisted of views from the following countries.

1. Australia

2. Canada

3. Denmark

4. Ireland

5. Italy

6. Malaysia

7. Myanmar (Burma)

8. Philippines

9. Slovakia

10. South Africa

11. Switzerland

12. United Kingdom

13. United States

It’s a blessing to be able to use technology to spread God’s Word to the “uttermost part of the earth.” If this site has been a blessing to you, be sure to subscribe via email and share it with someone else, so it can be a help to someone else! You can also like the Facebook page by clicking here and follow the Instagram account @ALampUntoMyFeet11.

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