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Things Which are Impossible with Men are Possible with God

Luke 18:27, “[27] And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

What a great reminder this is in our lives. Everyone of us will face things in our life that do not seem possible according to men and our human reasoning, but these things are possible with God. Isn’t it good to know that we have a God who is greater than man? There would be no purpose in serving a God that was equal to or less than men. I’m glad that we have a God that is greater, wiser, bigger, stronger, more powerful, etc. than the greatest man to ever live.  

God can do the impossible, but it is our job to trust Him. It is impossible for man to walk on water, but Peter trusted in Jesus and did it. However, when he lost his focus on Christ, he began to sink. In our lives, we can see God come through in “impossible” ways, but we must be sure to have our focus in the right place. We must continue to trust God in every situation. We can’t expect God to come through for us if we turn our back on Him. We must stay faithful to Him. If we will stay faithful to Him, God will come through for us in HIS way and HIS timing. Let us remember than our way and timing are not always the same as His. Let us be sure that our faith is in God today. No matter what you are going through today, nothing is too great for God to come through. We just have to trust Him.

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